Prince Ivo of Semberija

With his insurgents in 1809, Prince Ivo settled in Macva and villages along the Sava, where he received the title of duke of Serb refugees and continued to fight against the Turks. After the fall of Serbia into slavery again, Prince Ivo sought refuge in Srem. He remained there until 1820, when Prince Miloš allowed him to settle again in Šabac.

Prince Ivo died on July 12, 1840 and was buried in Šabac.

Prince Ivo of Semberija was sung by Filip Višnjić in the song "Knez Ivan Knežević". Branislav Nušić wrote the tragedy "Prince Ivo of Semberija", on the basis of which Isidor Bajić composed the opera of the same name, first performed in 1911 at the National Theater in Belgrade. Although the opera is relatively naively written in the stylistic-musical sense, it is still one of the pioneering attempts to write national operas. In the opera itself, you can find two songs that are considered to be folk, but are, in fact, the work of Isidor Bajić: Hey, who bought you that pistachio and Oj, Srpkinjo, bud 'orna.

As one of the symbols of Bijeljina and Semberija, Prince Ivo is depicted on the city coat of arms, as one of the shield holders, together with Filip Višnjić.


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